Thank you for taking a few moments to read this. What I share below will be exceedingly valuable to you if you are seriously interested in dramatically elevating your current life by a proven method that has worked swiftly, potently and with a deep authenticity for the human beings that have already been exposed to it.
I believe that…

…one of the great missions of every human life is to deliver on the dreams that reside in your heart. And when we neglect the call on our lives to do great things (and become our natural greatness), we not only betray our best selves—we leave our loved ones and the world at large less better off.

Here’s the thing…

…your childhood ambitions and adult visions are far from unreasonable fantasies. What the deepest—and best—part of you longs for, from material riches to creative achievements to making the world profoundly brighter, is available to you [and meant for you].

And yet, with the volatility, stresses, and distractions that fill our days, the vast potential of our finest lives grows dimmer and less visible like a sun setting on a quiet horizon.

Please don’t let this happen to you and spend the rest of your life being busy versus getting focused on being a light that wows all witnesses.

And if you have a good, clear look at the state of the global economy, turbulent politics, a deteriorating environment, collapsing once-dominant business structures and a world that’s looking more uncertain than it has in many decades (at least), there has never been a better time to make your personal rise to your strongest, bravest, kindest and best self…[I actually think this is not only the biggest opportunity of your life right now but your biggest responsibility. Why? Because as each of us makes the ascent into our authentic power, we lift the world with us].

4 Game-Changing Questions:

So please allow me to humbly and respectfully ask you 4 important questions…

Would you like to awaken the genius-level gifts within you that the busyness of life has unconsciously caused you to ignore?

Are you ready to access the authentic power, fearlessness and humanity that lies at the very core of who you are as a human being?

Interested in discovering a private process that, until now, only a small number of people on the planet have been exposed to, that will cause revolutionary improvements in your mindset so you get amazing dreams done, produce dazzling results and create a lifestyle that only the rare-air few get to live?

And wouldn't it be cool if I personally walked you through this breakthrough process over 2 amazing days that will transform your life forever? (Of course, the method only works for people open to doing the work).

Welcome to My World-Famous Live Weekend Event:


I’m absolutely excited/galvanized/delighted to share with you that over the past months I’ve been quietly preparing my live weekend event based on ideas, mental models, protocols and tools that have created fortunes of success for my top-tier clients that have included billionaires, NBA stars, members of royal families and famed CEOs.

…you’ll be blown away by what we’ve built for you this year, PMA will be at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in gorgeous Toronto, Canada over 2 life-changing days on Saturday June 2 + Sunday June 3, 2018.

If You Are One of the Relatively Small Number of People Who Secure a Seat to Personal Mastery Academy, You Will Learn:

Precisely how the most successful people on the planet bulletproof their minds to achieve epic results.

How to let go of your past once and for all, release deep-rooted fears and rewire your emotional foundation so you work and live at the highest level of human nature.

Insights, frameworks and daily tactics to unleash peak productivity, unlock true bravery and get giant things done.

Uncommonly valuable processes to dial-in your focus, heighten your energy and revitalize your health so you not only live longer (and richer) but have the stamina to rise to iconic in your industry.

Remarkable tools that will cause you to create a beautiful lifestyle for you and your loved ones, enjoy far more prosperity and freedom and have more fun.

My best techniques on building an interior life that automatically uplifts/encourages and inspires other people so you make the impact on our world that you have the potential to make.

What People Are Saying about PMA:


I’d also like to mention that I’ve heard all the people from across the globe who have shared that they would love to attend a live event with me but the $30,000 investment to attend my legendary 4-day annual event The Titan Summit doesn’t fit their budget yet.

So I’m pleased to say that a seat at Personal Mastery Academy costs significantly less than one for The Titan Summit.

…And if you snap up one of the few remaining early-registration seats, you will save 70% off a regularly priced PMA seat…

So, definitely make the investment that will change your life and join me at my live weekend event being held Saturday June 2 and Sunday June 3 at The Ritz-Carlton in Toronto, Canada [one of the world’s best cities]

Regular Price: $5,000

Today Just $1497 USD

I’m amped to deliver wow for you and those within your inner-circle at PMA and serve your personal rise to world-class with all I can give.

Thanks for following my work. Excited to meet you personally.

Much love and respect,

Short white

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